Reasons Why You Are Not Connecting To Your Market

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You are excited about a new product you are marketing. You have designed strategies carefully. You have even created surveys. For some reason though, your strategies don’t seem to work. You are not reaching your market. Why? What could you be doing wrong?
What tools are you using?
With the advanced technology we have right now, it’s no wonder that new apps and tools are being created almost every day. Make sure you have the ones that are integral to achieving the results you need. For sure, there are some that meet your requirements specifically. Take advantage of this technology and the up-to-date data it can provide you.
Are you on the right channel?
You may have the data necessary to create an effective campaign but how are you connecting with your audience? Are you using the platform that closely matches the data you have? Consider factors such as gender and age when choosing the platform you’ll use. Will you get the level of engagement you’ll need on that platform?
Let’s say your target market includes professionals or business people. Should you reach out to them through social media or email? They may not be as active in social media as younger markets are, and it’s more probable that they check their emails more often than they do their Facebook accounts. So in this particular scenario, it’s better to send them emails. How about videos? You’d be amazed how video marketing crosses over the lines separating audiences. It seems like these days, no matter the age, profession, or gender, people prefer watching videos to reading ads. You might want to make a really engaging video to reach your market.
What does the audience get from you?
It is quite safe to say that consumers these days are smarter than they ever were. They know that when you ask them to sign-up for something, watch a video, or click on a link, you’re getting data you need from them and you are on your way to getting them to buy your product or get your service. So they do not just sign-up, watch, or click without asking: “What’s in it for me?” You will do good to provide incentives of some sort, something appealing like a reward voucher or gift cards.
So how did you answer the above questions?
To sum everything up, there could really be definitive reasons why you are not reaching your market – not utilizing the best tools available, not using the right platform, or not giving incentives to your audience are just some examples.
Whatever it is you are missing out on, do not forget that the data you gather are more than numbers that you need to memorize. More than anything else, understanding the data you have is the key to reaching your target market.

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