Reasons Why to Consider Video Marketing in 2014

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Your own videos are marketing tools that you can use to communicate with current and prospective customers in unique ways. Although this medium will not replace your website for providing information about your business, it can be used to enhance your online presence to make it more effective. Here are some reasons to consider video marketing in 2014:
1. Search Engine Optimization
While you want to be sure to post great content on your website, including video as well will give you a one-two punch that will help to move you higher in search engine rankings. Help Internet users to find your business online by increasing the likelihood that they will find you.
2. Higher Conversion Rates
Online retailers know that posting a video on their websites increases the odds of turning an online browser into a paying customer. You can use this strategy in your business as well.
3. Connect with Your Customers
If you are looking for a way to step out from behind your figurative desk and have your customers get to know you and your company, consider video marketing. Let them associate a face with your company. People prefer to buy from someone they feel that they know, and you have an opportunity to provide them with helpful tips, answers to problems they are facing, news about your company, and other information in bite-sized chunks.
4. Video is Easy to Share on Social Networking Sites
Video is easy to share on your company Facebook and Twitter accounts. This type of content is very popular with Internet users. Keep your content relatively short and you will be able to get viewers to look at it. Make it easy for them to share it with others by adding the appropriate buttons on your site and you have a better chance of having your video go viral.
Video marketing is an excellent way to draw attention to your business. It can be used to share all kinds of information about your company’s products or services. You can also post short how-to videos to share tips and hints with your customers. Each video you post is an opportunity to connect with your customers, so don’t be shy about using this medium to your advantage.

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