Is Product Marketing the New Content Marketing?

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Is product marketing the new content marketing?
We’ll give you a moment to figure out how you’d answer this question.
Here’s the thing: product marketing plays a very crucial role in making a very real and integrated content marketing. In many businesses, product marketers see themselves as the experts at talking about their products. However, it is advisable that brands adopt a different mindset to have content that is more audience-centric as opposed to product-centric. The problem is, product marketing often does not have a persona-based approach making it not that relatable.
Here’s another thing. Product marketing is often more closely collaborative with departments like sales and Research & Development. Ironically, it is usually a bit disconnected from content marketing. This may be attributed to the tools and systems used. Or perhaps it’s down to the traditional structures of organizations, a lack of efficient strategies, and more.
A lot of problems arise because of this disconnection.
It actually may lead to some weird situations. For example, content marketing team needs to put up their posts as scheduled for them to stay relevant and timely. Just as those posts go live, product marketing lets you know about new facts and important information that would have been really effective in reeling in customers had they been included in the content you have posted. Missed opportunities like this one are not uncommon.
It’s just going to be a whole lot easier if product marketing is well integrated into your content marketing strategy. However, a lot of organizations find this to be challenging due to disconnections that are caused by human element – political fights, inability to work together, egos, and more. If it’s the case in your organization, your management has a lot of serious thinking to do.
Product marketing should not exist to serve only a particular division. It exists because it has a great role in a holistic chain that has an end goal which is so much bigger than which department performs better. Similarly, if you want your content to be better, start by looking at what’s available to you, taking a step back and acknowledging that it’s there and it should be used to its full potential. Connect what used to be disconnected.
So… is product marketing the new content marketing? We don’t think so. What we are looking forward to however is the marriage of the two which makes for a better and more efficient approach.

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