The Points You MUST Hit When Writing An ‘About Page’ For Your Website

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After the home page, it’s usually the first page visitors go to when reviewing a company’s website. The “about us” page is the user’s introduction to the company. It’s the company’s one and only chance to make a first impression. What does your company’s “about us” page say to prospective customers? Let’s look at three points you must hit when writing a compelling “about us” page.
1. Show and Describe the Team
Your people ARE your company. They are the face of the business to the outside world. By highlighting the individuals within the company, businesses can establish their corporate personality and achieve a stronger connection with the reader. By showing pictures of the team alongside their profiles, business can compel customers to make that first call or email, knowing a friendly face is waiting at the other end of the connection.
2. Take the Customer inside the Company
Once the personalities behind the company have been revealed, it’s important to outline the company and take the reader inside company operations. Using interesting stories about the company’s origins, its core product line and its customers, online businesses can drive strong responses from the reader. Conversational yet professional copy can grab the reader’s interest and motivate them to take action.
3.  Describe the Benefits of the Company’s Products & Services without Exaggeration
Whether it’s written for a large multinational or a growing local business, the “about us” page must speak candidly to the reader about the company’s competitive advantages. The more direct the language is the better. Readers don’t want to trawl through self-congratulatory prose. Qualified potential customers want to know exactly how the company uses their in-house resources to meet their requirements. This means that “about us” copy should be written with confidence and yet be clear in describing company solutions to specific customer problems.
Strong “about us” pages can convert a cautious visitor into a motivated lead. By using direct, compelling and conversational copy to bring personality to your business, you can bring comfort to the reader and make the type of strong, personal connection that drives future commercial success.

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