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Most of us have seen or remember the old days of Bad SEO. Maybe you’d see a bunch of seemingly random words all smushed together somewhere on a website.
Or maybe these words would be in the code for the site itself, which wouldn’t mean anything to a site visitor, but all that energy put into shoving keywords into a website would mean visitors would probably leave with the same questions they had when they arrived.
Now the point of SEO now is to actually provide valuable information to your audience, as opposed to packing your site with keywords that, even if they’re relevant, are probably in the wrong place.
RLFCM takes a tried-and-tested approach to building SEO. The initial stages are all about research – we look at your business and what your potential and current customers are looking for. When it comes to your business, we’re looking for the words that relate to what you offer, the problems you solve and word related to the solution your services are designed to provide.
We also look at what your potential customers and clients are looking for online – the issues, questions and problems they’re looking to answer. And we’re looking for opportunities in your strategy to provide answers to those questions, whether it be through your content marketing, blog or social media strategy.
Which leads to the next step in the process – implementation. Once we find the keywords that will be essential to your SEO strategy, we start to implement using those words in your content.
This step (as in all the steps) doesn’t happen independently of all the others. As we’re working on implementing keywords in your content, we’re also going back on the research step to catch any changes in keywords and how they rank.
In other words, we’re monitoring, looking at what’s happening with your audience and checking your website to look for spikes or dips in traffic following the implementation of your SEO strategy. We’re also looking at the major search engines to check for where your page ranks for the keywords we found that are most relevant to your business.
Gathering all of this information will help us to tweak your overall SEO strategy to find the keywords that will get you to the top of results regardless of where your potential customers look.
Of course, part of doing this goes back to the implementation step in the process. After we’ve done the research to tweak your SEO strategy, we get to work making any tweaks and changes to your content and then go back to the monitoring step so that we can measure how the alterations are making an impact.
Throughout the process, we report back to you regularly with our findings and results. This final ‘step’ in how we work with our partners on building their SEO strategy is essential to keep the lines of communication open, and is important for you to be able to see what your getting for your money, and our efforts.
How SEO is done has changed over the past few years, but there are a few basic rules that are becoming a standard for successfully attracting and keeping potential clients. When you work with RLFCM to help build your SEO strategy, we take a tried and trusted approach:

  1. Research
  2. Implementation
  3. Monitoring
  4. Reporting

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