Online Marketing 2015: How Videos are Changing EVERYTHING

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Ask any expert in online marketing, and they’ll tell you that video is essential for even the most basic strategy. Over the last few years, video and visual content have popped up everywhere. The rise of micro video, and micro video platforms, is a major indicator of the impact visual content can have.
Vine, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter Video are just some of the ways millions of people share video with the world and with each other. And let’s not forget Facebook.
While different platforms speak to different audiences, it’s essential to recognize that for your business, having video in any form is part of your audience’s experience.
More and more audiences are shutting down their traditional TVs in favour of watching what they want, when they want online. The major advantage? Virtually no advertisements. Along with moving away from traditional advertising, online audiences are very good at knowing when they’re being advertised to. And the only thing worse than unwanted ads are videos pretending to be something else other than advertisements.
For small and medium-sized businesses seeking ways to increase their share-of-voice online, the rise in video content online can be both negative and positive. Whereas ten years ago, the challenge may have been finding budget for television ads, the challenge now is getting – and keeping – an audience’s attention.
Of course, you don’t want to just create video for the sake of creating video, but you do want to look for opportunities where it might be better to send your messages using visual content. Luckily not every video requires a full production team. There are many different types of videos that you can use for online marketing that could serve different purposes and reach the right audience.
Here are five types of videos that you can create with just a camera, the right circumstances and a steady hand or tripod.

  1. Tutorial videos: if your products or services require some assembly or prior knowledge, consider creating a video to teach your audience how it’s done. This is great for current customers and leads that are trying to make the decision on purchasing your product. This works great to show how intuitive and simple your products are to put together and use.Tutorial videos don’t – and shouldn’t – be boring. Ideally you want to make sure the video actually teaches viewers, but don’t be afraid to be creative. This video on how to wash your hands in space probably won’t be used by the majority of the 2+ million people who’ve viewed it, but that hasn’t slowed down the view count!
  1. Webinar or Presentation videos: If you’re hosting or organizing a webinar or presentation, don’t miss the opportunity to create a video, regardless of how small the audience is. So maybe you’re not doing a TedX talk, why not host your own?

The most popular and well-done presentation videos aren’t watched for amazing visuals, direction or music, they’re watched because of the presenter and the message. Take popular clips from award shows like the Golden Globes or Academy Awards. Or commencement speeches at university graduations, like this one featuring Oprah at Harvard:

  1. Vlog: if you’re an avid blogger, consider switching it up and posting a vlog instead. This is arguably the simplest way to incorporate video in your online marketing strategy. All you have to do is get your message together, set up the video and hit ‘Record’.

For some, vlogging is the primary way they reach their audience. The best way to find the strategy for you is to try both techniques and measure to find what gets you better results. Marie Forleo is a business owners who has found a way to make vlogging and blogging work.

  1. Event: Capturing video from an event you’re attending is a great way to share news and information with internal audiences that may not have been able to attend with you. With the growth of communities on Slack, and with more organizations operating globally, sharing video and clips from an event you’ve attended helps build engagement and ensures the information you’ve gleaned from the event is shared with everyone who needs it.

Fashion Week clips are just one example of the value that videos of events can bring for brands and news outlets alike.

  1. Videos about nothing: Lately the world’s biggest companies are trying their hand at micro videos – six-second clips that, on platforms like vine, are looped repeatedly. The purpose is an immediate emotional reaction, most often a laugh (just think of the last gif you saw).

Regardless of what you might find online, there’s no sure way to create amazing micro videos all the time, every time. Nothing is really off limits, but the trick is to create the right message in six seconds or less. A great example of this comes from Mailchimp:

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