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The web has evolved dramatically in the short time it’s been in existence.  Even in the last few years we’ve seen the rise of responsive design, flat design, and even greater integration of animation and video.  2016 promises to be a year where some of what 2015 brought to the table will be given greater prominence across the internet.  Here are some of 2016’s web design trends to watch out for.
Big Images
Striking images that can take up more than half of your starting screen can create a major impact on your users.  So-called “hero images” can grab a user’s attention immediately – making them wonder what the image means and what content might lie just a short scroll down.
Speaking of scrolling, displaying content through a long vertical page is becoming much more prevalent.  Often starting with a hero image and instead of requiring clicking to access discrete pages, the user simply scrolls down to find the next section.  Each section is still broken up in the design to create specific and separate appeals but because it remains all one page it makes for a more cohesive experience for the user.
Pin Board Layouts
You’re starting to see these everywhere.  Links made primarily of pictures with usually no more than a line of text lining the bottom.  Pinterest only increased its popularity as a UI paradigm but its advantages are obvious – each picture acts as its own container of content and presents that content in a way that makes it easy to visually scan while keeping it distinct.
Long a reliable user interface icon in operating systems, the three short vertical lines called a ‘hamburger menu’ is making its way to the web.  What makes it useful is that its effect is basically the same.  It remains an icon that can be pressed to gain access to a more advanced or shortcut menu for navigation.  That universal usefulness is likely to make it ubiquitous.
Keeping up with web trends can be difficult but we need to adapt to keep up with, and surpass, user expectations.  If you’re looking for a web design firm that can do everything you need to build an engaging site contact ReferLinks FCM today.

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