Do You Need to Use Infographics in Your Content?

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The level of online technology people have access to today is just spectacular. Just think. Up to 1.5 billion units of content is generated on a daily basis. That’s not including the over 140 million Tweets and about 2 million videos uploaded every single day. With these head-spinning numbers, one can’t help but think – “How are my targeted customers going to find me?”
What you really need is something to grab your audience’s attention. Infographics can help you with that. This amazing visualization tool is a very simple yet innovative way of showcasing content that can attract the attention of many and at the same time be understood easily and quickly. So even if your audience don’t have time to go through your written content, you can still get your message across.
Here are some great reasons for you to include infographics in your content marketing campaigns:
Infographics Catches People’s Attention Easily
Humans are a naturally visual race. This is why people are automatically drawn to visual elements that they encounter. To process over 90% of information that goes into one’s mind, people need to have the “optic nerve” activated. So if you feel like words, no matter how good they are, do not capture the attention of your target audience, then, infographics can definitely help.
Infographics Can Help Increase Brand Awareness
The best designed infographics contain relevant information about the brand and relays its message in a visually enticing way. Infographics offers an easy yet effective way to increase your brand awareness, which if utilized properly can increase traffic to your website by no less than 12%.
Infographics Can Help Boost the Number of Your Followers and Subscribers
A quick look at your Facebook newsfeed will tell you just how powerful visual content can be. Compared to plain texts, posts with images (including well-created infographics) get more likes, shares, and comments. So if you want to generate more subscribers and followers for your social media pages and reach a wider audience then consider infographics.
Infographics Can Make Your Content Easier to Understand
Like what we said above, what makes infographics powerful as a marketing tool is its ability to convey important information through easily digestible “bite-size” pieces. According to studies, clear and detailed images are of more importance to about 67% of consumers. Images and infographics are then more likely to catch the interest of people compared to product or service description and custom ratings.
In this excessively competitive and content-flooded marketplace, you have to get the attention and interest of your target audience to gain online success. The use of infographics is one way to work towards this goal. With visual elements that are informative, relevant, and visually appealing, you can be sure that you’ll get that second look from your target audience – and most of the time, that is all you need!

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