How Mobile Marketing Will Grow In 2015

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To say that mobile marketing is huge would be a gross understatement. Consumers have become increasingly used to accessing information from wherever they are, either on a tablet or through their smart phones. By 2018, close to half the world’s population is predicted to have Internet access and the largest increase is anticipated to happen in emerging markets. Significant investments are being made in infrastructure to establish connectivity in Africa and India, and the majority of connections are taking place on mobile.
Mobile continues to drive brands, and it is compelling brands to capitalize on new opportunities. It is also looking to capture the attention of five billion new consumers in developing nations.
How Mobile Marketing will Grow in 2015

  • More Local Content

Consumers will increasingly be looking for local content, including users from emerging nations. Customers in markets like China, India, Vietnam, Brazil and Nigeria have indicated that they are interested in accessing local news, finding information about local services and purchasing mobile apps relevant to their local needs. Users’ language requirements as well as content preferences will need to be addressed when trying to sell in these markets.

  • Mobile Ads will Become More Commonplace

Since consumers have started using mobile devices more often, it makes sense that mobile ads wouldn’t be too far behind. Facebook uses a strategy where a mobile ad is formatted as a missed call. The consumer’s interest is logged and relayed to the advertiser. Advertisers can then call back and deliver the message through the phone.
Other advertisers prefer to send ads by text messages. Some retailers offer customers incentives to sign up to be part of a VIP mailing list to receive text messages about promotions. In return these preferred customers get discounts and advance notice of sales.

  • Buy Now Button

One-click purchasing will make it easier for customers to buy, pledge, etc., from Etsy, Artsy, Do Something and other sites. Making it easy for customers to buy, especially if the purchase is for an exclusive item or the deal is a time-sensitive one, is essential if you want to move product quickly. Mobile devices are meant to be sleek and easy for customers to shop with, and the Buy Now Button fits right in with that theme.
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