Are You Missing Out on Content Promotion Opportunities?

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Technology runs today’s marketplace and it is constantly evolving. That is why it is important that you are offering amazing customer experience through your products or services, as well as through your content. There are different ways to do this, of course. The question is… are you doing everything you can to get your content out there?
You may have a huge following. You may also be communicating through various channels, but are you maximizing your resources to ensure that you are really engaging all your prospective customers?
Some companies do not realize the influence that 1:1 email has. Did you know that about 112 billion business emails are sent every single day? That’s true! These personal exchanges can have a major impact on how you can get your audience more in tune with your brand initiatives.
You can use email signature with a call-to-action both to increase your company’s professionalism level and to give the receivers a reason to check and explore more. Easy right? Here are other ways to promote your initiatives and existing content:
*Prompt visitors and readers to sign up for weekly newsletters or emails with your best content and exclusive promotions. This can help you build your database of opt-in email addresses while keeping your prospective customers in the loop as well.
*Engage and inform your prospects using fun and entertaining promotional video teasers. This is an easy way to let people know about product releases and other information about your brand.
*Be smart with how you use your social media accounts. Keep your platforms active at all times and keep your posts relevant. Add links to your new blog posts and pages in your website which show your products and services.
*E-books and whitepapers are an excellent way to keep your customers engaged by providing them with additional insight about a specific topic or some helpful tips that your readers would benefit from. These also position you as a reliable expert on your industry. Promote these through your emails, too, and let your subscribers know that you care about their progress.
These are just some of the ways you can bring your content out there, create great professional relationships, and ultimately convert customers. Of course, it’s not enough that you just know how to promote your content but more importantly to have content that is worth promoting. ReferLinks can provide you with relevant content and make sure you get noticed, too! Interested? Call us now!

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