What Lies Ahead For Social Media Marketing in 2015?

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Social media marketing has changed the way that companies interact with their customers, and their relationship will never be the same. Marketing will not return to the days when customers sat waiting passively for a company to make its pitch about a new product or service and then decided whether or not they would buy it. The reality now is that we are all connected through electronic media and that customers are free to discuss the pros and cons of buying a particular product, share tips about the best way to use an item or give feedback about their experience dealing with a company with each other with a few clicks of a mouse. What lies ahead for social media marketing in 2015 is more conversations between customers, and companies that want to be – and stay successful – need to make sure they are part of the discussion.
Companies Must Be Prepared to Interact Directly with Customers
One of the worst things that a company can do now is let a disgruntled customer take a complaint to social media and simply ignore it. For every person who responds with a comment or a suggestion to how the situation can be resolved, there are many more existing and potential customers who are simply lurking in the background and watching the situation unfold.
While they may not be commenting on what is occurring directly, they are no doubt forming an opinion about the situation that they may be sharing in separate threads on the same or other social network sites. Savvy business owners know that the best policy is to keep a finger on the pulse of what customers are thinking, doing and talking about by engaging with them directly all the time.
Customer Relationships Need to be Nurtured
These relationships with customers must be given the proper attention and in order to thrive. Questions and comments must be responded to promptly or the relationship will falter. The benefits for both of you are that you get to know your customers’ needs better and they learn to trust you, which means they will feel more comfortable about making purchases. It’s a win-win situation.
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