Lessons on Content Marketing Blockbuster Superhero Movies Teach Us

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Unless you have been living in a cave with no access to the outside world at all, you have seen superhero movies take the world by storm one after the other It seems like every single year, there’s a big superhero movie to anticipate – and do we all anticipate!
Whether you are a DC or a Marvel fan, you can’t deny that there is a thing or two that you can learn about marketing from those amazing blockbuster movies. Just take the recent big hit Deadpool 2. From the trailer to the way the character Deadpool took over all the other movie posters, we have been hooked by this anti-hero. And just how effective was Deadpool’s marketing strategy? Let’s just say that the $301 million opening weekend earnings are proof enough.
Here are some lessons we can learn from superhero movies:
It Pays to Plan
Ten years ago, Iron Man hit the theaters and paved way for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After that, we have witnessed more stories and beloved characters come to life on a grand scale. That first Iron Man movie all the way to the most recent Avenger movie are all great executions of an amazingly thorough plan! Similarly, content marketing works best when there is an actual plan to serve as guidance. It provides a long-term structure that gives you solid groundwork, still allows for improvements and adjustments.
Very Few Things Can Beat a Good Story
Aside from the well-loved characters (and the large comic book fanbase), the success of superhero movies can be attributed to their individual stories. And it’s not just the stories themselves, but also the strong storytelling that turns curious moviegoers to loyal fans. The same goes for content marketing. A huge part of your content’s success depends on how well you tell a story and how relevant that story is.
It’s About Making Smart Investments
There are instances when even superhero movies flop, and when the studios have allotted millions for the making of those movies, their failure could be largely because of the lack of marketing, or rather, the wrong kind. While the traditional approaches like tv and radio commercials will always be there, the past few years have shown us that advertising on social media platforms creatively can greatly help. It is no different for content marketing. Aside from ensuring that you have quality content, it is just as important to dedicate a certain portion of your budget to content promotion. Without proper promotion, your content (no matter how great it is) will not be able to reach as many potential clients as possible.
Content marketing strategies can be inspired by a number of things – including blockbuster superhero movies. You don’t have to produce, direct, or even be a big fan of one to learn and apply and benefit from the lessons superhero movies teach.
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