How to Keep Your Social Media People-Powered

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Many companies heavily rely on tools when they are trying to achieve business goals. What some overlook, however, is how every business effort they make, especially on social media should be people-powered.
Why is this? First of all, people purchase from people. People read your blogs, watch your videos, and like your social media posts. So is it at all surprising that the most successful brands in social media are those that focus on people?
One of the biggest opportunities social media presents is the chance to have two-way conversations. Take advantage of this opportunity. Build a list of contacts on Twitter and expand your Facebook reach. You can also use your CRM to tag people based on their interests, so you can easily share things that can add value to them.
As digital marketing continues to progress, we also see more and more chances for mass personalization. Know that when it comes to social media, it’s not always about what’s relevant – but more importantly about building connections and creating emotional resonance.
Your social media are not only the go-to resource for customers who are interested in your products or services but also your first line of defense for your company. Having that in mind, your social media team should realize that they are not there only to catch the interest of many, but to be a reliable customer service, sales, and marketing team all rolled into one.
Your customers are human beings and when they reach out to you asking a question, they expect an answer. When they give you a compliment, they feel great when you tell them that you appreciate their business. Be social on your social media, because frankly, that’s what they’re there for.
Because the social media marketing landscape is continuously getting more complicated, you have to constantly know what your customers’ motivations are. Based on that, you need to give them the right information right when they need it. It all has to mix together perfectly – the content, the intention, and the timing.
Now more than ever, your social media needs to be not just a platform for posting, but more importantly one that listens and feels – one that is more than just a tool for marketing. It should be a means to show your customers that there are, indeed, people behind their favorite brands.

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