Infographic Blogs vs. Written Blogs

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Blogs can be written with every conceivable topic in mind with differing lengths, layouts, and graphical options.  Regardless of the type – they all serve the same goals – to inform and entertain, to build an audience, and to drive traffic.  Of all of the types of blogs two of the most popular are infographic and written blogs and each have their own strengths.
The Benefits of Infographics
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and for a properly created infographic that saying is undoubtedly true.  Infographics, or specially created images built to convey information, are ideally suited to distilling a lot of data into a picture that can be more easily processed mentally.  Often this will come in the form of a chart or graph but a well-designed infographic can make complexity and breadth of material easy to understand.
The Benefits of Text
While imagery can be effective in taking complexity and simplifying it, text is especially helpful at taking humble ideas and expanding them.  Beginning with simple questions a blog can develop the ideas behind them and take the reader’s thinking in new and interesting directions.  Human beings have been conveying ideas and emotions in text for as long as the written word has existed and even with massive advancements in technology the need for structured and well-written prose has remained.
The Hybrid Option
One of the most powerful ways to build a blog is by using the data presented in an infographic as a starting point for analysis and discussion in text.  By merging the two we can take the best of both worlds – creating a blog that both elegantly gets across a wide array of information while also zeroing in on and providing context for the most important pieces of that information.
The key to a successful blog is taking the topic or the information at hand and knowing how to best present it to maximize your readers’ engagement and understanding.  After all, an opaque or unnecessarily complicated blog doesn’t help you or your audience.  If you’re looking for the best in blogs, whatever your industry or target demographic, ReferLinks FCM can help.  Contact us today.

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