How Visual Content Can Drive More Traffic

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When discussions are about online marketing, you’ll hear marketers talk about how content is the backbone of a successful campaign. However, nobody can ever deny the power that visuals have especially on social media.
For one, the right kind of visuals on social media means an increased chance of getting your content shared and for traffic to be driven straight to your website. Ultimately, there is a possibility that you’ll get new clientele because of one excellent visual.
On the other hand, what if you have used the wrong type of visual? Then that means you have probably wasted your own time, some leads and a whole bunch of potential customers.  Of course, that is what we want to avoid.
To make sure your visual images will work positively for your business, answer these questions while you are in the process of creating your visuals.
Would the visitors engage with it? 
Is it likely to be shared? 
Will it let them go from one platform to another?  
Where does it lead them? 
Should it allow them to click through from a social media platform going straight to your website? 
The visuals you should make for your social media platforms are not just decorative elements of your content but rather doorways or portals to more valuable information to be found in your website.
How does visual content make you viral? Well, according to studies, articles in Facebook with at least one image were shared about 64.9 times in average, while those without fare with just 22 in average. Similarly, posts with a thumbnail were shared 56 times and those without were shared only 17.7 times. Why do you think visuals have this effect on people?
Believe it or not, it has a scientific basis and how your brain works has a lot to do with it. 90% of information that is transmitted to our brain is visual. Aside from that, it is said that we remember 80% of what we see, and just 20% of what we read, and 10% of what we hear. Therefore, visual dimension really is the number one factor that affects people and their purchase decisions.
With that, it is understandable that colours play a major role in this. For example, the colour red grabs attention and is provocative. Blue tells people that you are trustworthy and dependable. Green reflects wealth and serenity. Black is timeless and sophisticated.
That is how visual content drives traffic and gets shared. You do not have to be a designer to understand this. As long as you know that your visuals are what people remember of you, and that colours trigger different emotions in consumers, you will do great. So do not just use the first image you find on Google and share it without thinking of how it represents you. Find one that will attract attention and give a positive message.

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