How To Spring Clean Your Website

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Your website is a living, breathing document. For many of your potential clients and customers, it’s the first time they will come into contact with your company. This is why the information on your site should be current and as up-to-date as possible.
It’s very easy to tell when a site hasn’t been updated in a long time: outdated links that go nowhere, old posts on the front page and banners that advertise past promotions are just a few examples of how site visitors can tell that a page they’re looking at hasn’t been maintained in a while.
Having this type of outdated content on your website can leave an unfavourable impression. An updated site with fresh content removes barriers to your potential clients and customers. It lets people know there are real people behind your website, and that is a message you want to send.
Here are a few ways to spring clean your website:

  1. Remove any content that applies to promotions, packages or items that your company no longer sells or offers. No one likes to call a company about a product featured on their site only to find out that it’s no longer offered.
  1. If you have a blog on the home page that hasn’t been updated in a while, publish some new content right away! Consider having a few posts developed and scheduling them to publish over the next few weeks or a month.
  1. Got any Spring promotions or sales coming up? Use this opportunity to put that information on your site, maybe by using a banner or pop-up.
  1. Go through each main static section on your site to hunt for and update information. This might be more of a challenge, depending on how large your site is, but sections like ‘About’, ‘Team’, and ‘Portfolio’ can be more easily updated than a ‘Products’ page. For example, you might need to add new information to your About section (like a company move or major development), or add profiles to the ‘Team’ page.

As you’re going through your site and making changes, keep in mind that you’ll probably have to update certain sections in a few months.
Consider making a list of the pages that were updated this round, with estimates on when they will have to be changed again. You might want to stick to a quarterly schedule, depending on the types of content being refreshed.

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