How to Keep Your Website Alive

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How many times have you felt frustrated and even disappointed with a website? You search for a product, a service, or even just a topic you had in mind. You click on a link and find what you like. Then you want to see what else is there only to find broken link after broken link! Or maybe you get excited about a discount that you’ll get when you sign up – only to find out that you can’t sign up because the form doesn’t work. Frustrating, isn’t it?
Now as a business owner yourself, you wouldn’t want to subject visitors to your website to the same frustrations. You want to make sure that their experience, while they’re on your website, is memorable in a good way.
How do you keep your site alive, then?
Check Your Links Regularly
Every single link on your website should be clicked on every once in a while, especially if you have made any significant changes to your website. Servers are sometimes weird. Also, if you link to outside sources, take the time to see if they, too, have not been broken or removed. Nothing screams amateur louder than links that do not work!
Keep Your Content Fresh
While it’s not as bad as a broken link, stale content doesn’t look good either. People are always looking for the latest pieces of information. Posts that are dated years ago can push people to leave your website and not come back! Stay relevant by having up-to-date information in the form of fresh content. Even if you mostly have tutorials and reference information, you have to make sure that those are updated, too. Make edits when needed. Post something new at least once every month.
Test Your Site on Different Devices and New Browsers
You don’t have to buy every single mobile gadget that comes out on the market to do this. You can ask your friends if you can test your site on their phones and tablets. If you have a new TV that allows web browsing, you can test your site using that, too.
Check All Forms
You have forms on your website so your customers can make purchases and so you can contact them, among others. Those forms are among the primary ways users provide websites with information. If people are willing to take time to fill out a form, it means they are at least interested in what your business is offering them. If your forms are not working, it can be really frustrating for your prospective clients. So make sure the forms get checked on a regular basis so you won’t lose any business.
Regular testing and preparation are all you need to make sure that everything on your website is working as they should. Your site should never be neglected. After all, the majority of the consumers make a buying based on how they feel about your website and of course, how good their experience is.
If you are like most business owners, running your company and making sure your products or services are of the highest quality take most of your time. That’s why it is important that you have a reliable team to make sure your website is always ready to impress your existing and prospective customers! Give ReferLinks Online Marketing a call so we can tell you how we plan to do that for you.

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