How to generate more traffic to your website through social media marketing

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18837068_sSocial Media Marketing has been touted as the latest online-marketing revolution—but few companies know how to generate more traffic to their website through Social Media Marketing campaign. Why is this? Simple: it’s hard. Simply creating a Facebook or Twitter page and putting up some posts isn’t enough to lead to website traffic, or conversions.
When it comes to how to generate more traffic to your website through Social Media Marketing there are a number of time-tested-and-truly-effective ways to send users to your website:
1. Listen
While social media is a platform, companies who gain the most from their efforts are those who not only listen to their audience but the Toronto and surrounding areas’ social mentions as well By using social-mention programs and platforms you can listen to everything going on in your area in your industry, and then interact with those people—with intention. When interacting with people you find in social mentions don’t only promote your brand but also your knowledge. Add worthwhile links (even if they are not yours) to social discussions you want to be a part of, and expert knowledge that is tangible, actionable and unbiased.
2. Form Alliances
Fighting the social media battlefield isn’t a one man job, so recruit yourself an army of like-minded people to help you inter-promote your brand. Make these worthwhile alliances with leaders in your industry and be sure to provide them reciprocal ammo.
3. “What’s in it for me?”
People don’t follow brands haphazardly. They follow brands and companies who offer them something. They like deals, contests and trivia. Show them what’s in it for them, even if the answer is simply showing off their own personal knowledge.
4. Use Effective Call to Actions
Choosing effective call to actions means choosing words, phrasing and ideas that the public responds to. This can be free downloadable content, asking them to ‘retweet’ or ‘share’ your content or asking a question for them to answer both work well as they spread your reach and encourage a sense of community. Don’t try to sell/convert them with your call to actions because people aren’t prepared to buy yet, so instead of selling create a treasure map for your followers.
5. Measure your Effectiveness
In addition to listening, the other thing that the most-effective Social Media Marketing campaigns do is measure their effectiveness. Using social media measurement tools won’t always be soul-nourishing as you will see downward spikes more often than upward ones…at first. But by knowing what works better you can learn exactly what your followers are looking for. This audience knowledge will help you fine tune your content. For example, cute pet pictures might work well if you’re running Bill and Ted’s Puppy Sales, but not as well for Bill’s Stock Brokerage. Some audience want cute content, others funny, others serious and factual—so get to know what your audience wants with campaign measurement.
6. Create a Community
Social media users are looking for communities, so tie your Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter page(s) to an actual community on your website, like a forum. Then, to encourage others to join your community by doing community-highlighting things like featuring specific community members, sharing customer success stories or creating referral programs.
7. Know your Industry’s Influencers
There are social influencers in every community and industry. By fostering a relationship with your industry’s/community’s social influencers you will strengthen your reach. When you foster a truly mutual relationship the influencer will see a healthy boost to your website page views.
When it comes to how to generate more traffic to your website through Social Media Marketing, strengthen your hand by allowing the pros here at ReferLinks FCM to foster, and manage, your growth for you.

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