How to create website content that works for you

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Once you’ve got a great design for your website, there’s at least one other critical idea you need to content consider. Finding out how to create website content that works for youis just as important because studies show you’ve only got seconds to capture a visitor’s interest before they click away.
Take a minute to consider the unique features of what works when it comes to the text on your website. Attention spans have been proven to be shorter with web readers and that means paragraphs need to follow suit to grab the attention of any visitor. Shorter is better here and that means you need to have writing that gets directly to the point.
Understanding how to create website content that works for you is also about catering to the fact that studies have shown most web readers scan the information looking for things that catch their eye. Breaking up the paragraphs into chunks and smaller paragraphs is a great way to attract these readers, but you can go one step further by using sub headers that catalogue what they can expert from the content under them. Making these instructional and even bolding certain keywords and phrases allow readers to quickly pick out the text that interests them the most.

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