How to convert new visitors to your website into returning visitors

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Internet advertising is all about converting visitors into paying customers, or loyal readers as the conversioncase may be, so it’s important to know how to convert new visitors to your website into returning visitors. 
The reason here is simple. People who interact with your website or blog often link to it and even mention it in their social media circles. As your circle grows bigger, you get better page rankings and the opportunity to sell more of your goods and services.

  • Start by focusing on value added content. People don’t want to be hit over the head with the hard sell hammer when they come to your website. Giving away something for nothing in the way of solid information will pique their interest and get them coming back for more and the eventual sale.
  • Use a design that people are familiar with. Although there’s lots of gizmos and flash-type options available, you need to design a place that people are familiar with and not intimidated by. Starting with Verdana or Arial fonts is a great idea since studies show these font types put people at ease.

There are many other techniques that have been groomed over time when you’re looking into how to convert new visitors to your website into returning visitors. Finally, using lighter colour schemes present a positive first impression that’s critical.

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