How RLFCM Blogs For Your Business So That You Don't Have To!

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If you haven’t had time to include blogging as part of your regular process to support your online marketing, don’t worry; you’re not too late. Blogging is like learning how to drive – you generally have time to do it, but it is possible to wait too long to get behind the wheel.
Blogging is essential in that it increases the chances that you, and your business, will be found online. Unfortunately most content published online has an expiry date, both according to search engines and readers. So blogging once per year – or even once per month – won’t cut it. There are plenty of tools you can use to fit blogging into your schedule, but before you start hitting publish on your posts, you need a strategy.
When you work with ReferLinks Full Circle Marketing, we research everything about you and your company before creating a plan for building and maintaining your blog. Overall there are five main questions we get the answer to before we start working on your blog. If you want to start your own strategy, you’ll need to answer the same questions we’ll be digging in to.
Who’s Buying Your Products? The first, and perhaps most important question we’ll be covering is finding out who your buyer persona(s) are. We want to know what they make each year, what information they need before making a purchase and even more important than who they are is what they need.
What social media networks they tend to be most active on is information that can also play a major role in developing your blog strategy. This information will tell you where to share your posts and if you find specific people that fit your buyer persona, you might be able to find out a little bit about what’s important to them.
What steps will your ideal buyer take before buying your product? Having a blog is the best marketing opportunity for any business of any size. With a blog, you can preemptively answer any questions your potential buyers might have, and make the process along the buyer journey a smooth one.
You could think of the FAQ section of your website as a shorter version of the blog posts you publish that answer the major questions you get often.
Who are your competitors? In addition to answering all of the major questions your potential customers might have, having a blog also gives you an opportunity to show why and how you’re company is ahead of the competition. Knowing who your competitors are is essential to being able to do this with any effectiveness.
With this one, you have to be careful. Outright saying your company or products are better than the competition is tempting, but for a potential buyer, this could be a turn off. The more positive approach would be to show, rather than tell. And a blog is a perfect place to do this.
What’s going on in your industry? Staying up-to-date on what’s going on in your industry is just plain good for business. Having a blog is an opportunity to show your customers, employees, partners and anyone looking that you know what’s going on and can be a trusted source in information they might be looking for that you’re an expert in.
Use your blog to help your audience understand complex concepts that affect your industry, your business, and will in turn affect them. Remembering to keep the tone light and positive, use your blog to share your opinions and views, and to demonstrate your commitment to serving your customers.
What’s your brand like? For you, this is more going somewhere quiet, looking off into the horizon, and making some decisions about who and what your business is and who and what your business is not.
As a business owner you have the answer to this question: what kind of tone do you want to set with your communications? What kind of language do you use? How do you talk about your products, customers, and how you do what you do? Knowing this is essential to presenting a consistent image and voice to your audience.
When you work with us, we research everything about your company and understand your brand before creating a blogging strategy. Please do not hesitate to inquire more about how ReferLinks FCM can take care of all of your blogging needs for your business.

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