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We are all humans. Whether we like it or not, we are driven by our feelings or emotions most of the time. And even if we want to argue that we make decisions rationally, we know that’s not entirely true. That’s all right. Again, we are only humans.
Even when we are consumers looking to buy products or to use services, there are many factors that are involved in our decision to go with one brand or company and not the others. You know what we’re talking about. That’s why now that you have your own business and you’re trying to establish your brand, you should try to do away with corporate monotony and work on humanizing your brand. To do so, you should be able to tap into these “very human” characteristics:
Preference for Personalized Service
Using data-driven approaches, you can get to know your customers better. You can also make more accurate customer personas.
Customers want personalized service – something a little more special as a reward for being good customers. However, you must find the right balance between providing custom-tailored service and protecting your customers’ privacy.
Need for Authenticity
Customers want a brand that is strong, stable, and most importantly, authentic. They want honesty and transparency. While your customers expect you to deliver high quality products and services, they will understand if you make a mistake – as long as you own up to it and show responsibility.
Excitement for Good Storytelling
What can easily move you? A good story. A really good story can make its listener (or reader) feel something. A strong narrative can hook the audience, transport them to a new world, and eventually influence their purchasing decision.
When you tell your story, make sure that you use the right tone as this will give your brand more character. Do choose one that fits your brand well – be it quirky or serious, your audience will “listen” to you more if you have the right tone.
Partiality to a Standout Personality
People always get attracted to people, things, and yes, brands that stand out. If you want to get your brand in a good position, aim to become known for “something”. It’s a trait for which you will be distinguished. You will be able to draw your audience (and your future clients) when they can relate to that trait. You can be known for being that brand that’s witty, funny, kind-hearted, and more.
There are a number of traits that can be a part of your brand identity. Once you know what you want to be known for, ReferLinks Online Marketing can help you work on your online marketing campaigns and social strategies so the world will know how perfectly “human” your brand is. Give us a call and let’s go show off the side of your brand your audience should know about!

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