How Google and Social Media Work Together

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The bottom line is this: everything an internet marketing firm does is about driving traffic.  Driving traffic to your website.  Driving traffic to your Facebook page or your Twitter feed.  Driving traffic to your name, your brand, and your business.  The biggest way to do that remains search – and the biggest player in search remains Google.  That means the majority of search engine optimization (SEO) that any company does will be based around getting Google to put you as close to the top of the list as possible.  If you run a concrete company in Vaughan and someone types ‘Vaughan concrete’ into Google, you want your company on that first page.  Making that happen has always been easier said than done but it is possible – thanks to social media.
How it Used To Work
Google still does the same thing now that it’s always done to find and index content – it crawls the internet.  Every page and every link it finds gets added to the database that becomes its search engine data.  However, in previous years Google would use a variety of criteria to decide on a page ranking like keywords, linkbacks, and text searches.  The problem is that these criteria could be gamed relatively easily resulting in businesses rising to the top of search rankings on bad data – which was not good for Google, and not good for Google’s users.
How it Works Now
Social media offered Google a brand new way.  By measuring social media linking and usage Google is now able to use credible sources to rank pages.  Due to the enormity of social media, spoofing these results would be so difficult and consume so many man-hours that it no longer becomes profitable for shadier companies to attempt to mislead the system.  Of course this also means that companies without social media presences are going to be left out in the cold when it comes to search results as well.
There are some specific intricacies to remember too.  Google favours Google+ so even if you don’t know many people who use the platform it is still in your best interest to maintain a presence on it.  Also, Google has become a lot better at reading the content of pages which means your website should have a blog that answers the kind of questions people ask – ones that are relevant to your business – so maintaining regularly scheduled blog updates with unique content has become important as well.
As you can see, social media and Google are now intertwined at a fundamental level.  To get the most out of SEO you need to leverage social media and no marketing firm can credibly offer the former without the latter.  If you need help traversing the complexities of social media and SEO contact ReferLinks FCM today.

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