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How do you define your brand?
Knowing your brand identity is the first step in a long process of developing brand strategy. When you define your brand, you are setting the stage for all the other components to stand on. This brand definition will help you measure all the marketing strategies and materials that will come your way in the future.
Building an exciting brand identity and customer experience drives loyalty. As a small business, you can replicate the principles of big brands in their marketing campaigns, make those yours, and be successful too. But before you can work on your brand experience, you need to be able to define what kind of brand you are first.
You need a well-constructed statement of the type of business you are, what type of customers you cater to, and how you intend to serve them. You need to define what you believe in, as well as the types of products or services customers should expect from you. This is just the first step.
Yes, it actually takes some soul-searching matched with data gathering for you to be able to come up with the definition of your brand. You want to be clear and you want to be specific. Here are some key steps to help you:

  1. Focus on what sets you apart from the rest. You want your brand to be unique – and it starts with figuring out what attributes differentiate you from all the other options. Remember not to be just different, but ultimately, to be better
  2. Make all the list of things you like about your brand. This is most probably the same things that your customers will think of and like about your brand, too. You very own set of skills is going to be the foundation of your brand definition.
  3. Identify the particular needs of your customers. This is very important. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think of the kind of things that they will run to you for. Don’t be blinded by just the things that you want to deliver, but be open to things that there is a demand for. Define your brand on how well you are able to fulfill those demands.

The trick to defining your brand is finding the perfect balance between being specific and focused and your flexibility to expand. So when defining your brand, make sure that you do it in such a way that there is always room for growth over time.

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