How customers view a business with a dynamic website

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12991739_sIf you haven’t wonder yet how customers view a business with a dynamic website, then now is the time. Dynamic websites are increasingly important in our Web 2.0 world and simply not optional moving forward due to the rapid adoption of mobile devices.
What is a Dynamic Website?
Without getting into mind-numbing detail of the programming involved in a dynamic website. To answer the question of “what is a dynamic website?” the simple answer is that it is a website that displays across all internet-accessing devices. But wait—there’s more: a dynamic website will not only display properly across a myriad of devices, including: computers, netbooks, tablets and smartphones, but will display differently across each device—and be optimized for each specific user. The purpose is to encourage interaction with the user regardless of their device and foster unique and evolving user experiences.

How Customers View a Business with a Mobile Website
Mobile websites that are dynamic show consumers that a company takes care in its presentation and is forward-thinking. This confidence-inspiring peacocking for your customers, and potential customers, shapes how customers view your company in the following additional ways:

  • Engaging
    Users feel engaged when they encounter a website that is well-displayed on the device that they are using and offer them a catered experience. They know that there is a logical path to their visit, which makes them feel at ease using your website.
  • Trustworthy
    Websites that work well inspire confidence in a company. Conversely websites that don’t display well and offer a one-size-fits-all experience cause users to feel dubious about companies—as users equate functionality with service.
  • Content Accessibility
    Consumers want at-their-fingertip access to information, and a well laid-out website means easier access to the information they want on that specific visit.
  • Functionality
    In addition to easy-to-access information users also need functionality. Users who find the functionality they need on your website are more induced to become customers and stay customers. Easy-to-access functionalities are generally contained within call-to-action buttons, which customers and potential customers want laid-out plainly in front of them.
  • Customization
    In today’s Web-2.0 world users expect to experience a unique, custom-tailored experience. Dynamic websites that can recognize new and returning users, languages and the like off the tailored experience they want—a huge plus in the eyes of consumers.

How customers view a business with a dynamic website is like how kids view a shiny new toy—engaging and exciting. If you’re wondering exactly what a dynamic website will do for your business give us a call, we’ll tell you exactly what you will gain.

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