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One of the primary reasons entrepreneurs create and maintain blogs is to generate leads. But how does it work really?
Here is a quick run-down on how blogs generate leads and help your business as a whole:
Blogging contributes to your inbound marketing efforts in a major way. How, you ask? Well, businesses know that they need high-quality content that is gated by a sign-up form to generate leads and a landing page. For this to work, you have to make sure that your visitors will want the content enough to supply their contact information!
How do they know that they want those gated contents and that they are worth signing up for?  That’s where your incredible blogs come in. They offer an excellent way to build up excitement. Through blogs, you can offer snippets and key takeaways that are found in your gated content. You could also highlight excerpts and insert them in your blogs.
When you write blogs, at the end of your posts, you can link to the relevant landing age. This is how you increase lead generation and build up the credibility of your business as well.
That is why you should make it a point that you have high quality blogs. If you have substandard blog content, there is very little chance that people would read through the end and click on that link. Make sure that what you are writing is both entertaining and insightful. Also, your blogs should not be too wordy and should be easily understood.
Another reason blogs work for businesses is because they keep you Google-relevant. That means every single time you post a blog, Google starts a fresh ‘crawl’ to check your site for relevancy for common search terms. This increases your chances of ranking high in Google, and we all know what it means to be on that coveted first page of a search result.
Blogging is among the least expensive and complicated ways to boost your business. Not only does it generate leads and keep you relevant, they also build your reputation to your readers. Posting informative and useful blogs somehow give the audience the impression that you are an authority in your particular industry. And who doesn’t want that, right?
Creating blogs that do exactly this is one of ReferLinks’ fortes. We’d be happy to discuss with you your options and answer all your questions about the benefits of having regular blog posts.

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