How a dynamic web design can change the entire presentation of your website

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12991739_sWe’ve shown countless clients exactly how a dynamic web design can change the entire presentation of their website—and we plan on showing everyone else too. A dynamic web design in today’s current Web 2.0-upgrading environment is like bringing a gun to a knife fight—simply more effective. And now is the time to go dynamic.

Dynamic Websites
The overall presentation of a dynamic website is professional, forward-thinking and high-converting as it creates unique user experiences that are perfectly catered to the device(s) they are using while creating a natural flow with the easy-access to the information they need. To understand the concept of a dynamic website let us begin by defining exactly what a dynamic website is.
A dynamic website is a website that is displayed differently to each user, and is catered towards them specifically. This may mean it is catered to their specific device or language, or it may recognize them as a returning user over a new user and displays the content they need as a tenured user. A dynamic website is leaps and bounds above a responsive website, which simply displays well across a myriad of devices—although dynamic websites do that too. Dynamic websites are like the T2 in The Terminator—morphing, liquid and fluid enough to adapt to situations that good ole Arnold (static or responsive website) simply couldn’t.
How a Dynamic Web Design and Change the Entire Presentation of your Website
When it comes to the specific and tangible ways that a dynamic website can change, and enhance, the overall presentation of your website there are a number of reasons to upgrade to the Terminator-2.0 version:

  • They encourage greater interaction with your users as there is a clear pathway for them to follow, with specific attention paid to the how, when, where and how many times they are connecting to your website.
  • They provide your website with a high-class appearance thanks to their evolving nature and advanced customization.
  • They better display the content and functions that your users need based on pre-determined parameters set by you before hand, which comes from the successful analyzing of prior customer/user behaviour.
  • They improve your call-to-action strategy by judging which types of call-to-action buttons are most effective based on the type of user.
  • They provide you with the opportunity to customize your landing page(s) and campaign pages so that your website becomes a high-converting chameleon.
  • They can improve your overall navigation based on tracking what audiences are navigating to and the information they are looking for.
  • They improve the overall appearance of organization and appear to be neater/cleaner than their static and responsive competitors.

A dynamic website can change the entire presentation of your website while boosting user experience—and conversions. If you’re wondering what a dynamic website can do for your company—just ask us.

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