Holiday Content Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business

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Christmas is just right around the corner and you know what that means – it’s time to get your marketing efforts all ramped up once more. Everyone knows that consumers really spend more around the holidays compared to any other time of the year.
Because of this, it comes as no surprise that marketers’ game plans are all up and running and like always, content is a crucial part of those plans. Here we have for you five tips that can help boost your brand or business this wonderful season.

  1. Focus on social media. We mean focus on social media more than you already do. Know that no matter how good your content is, it is all for nothing if nobody gets to see it. Make use of those social media platforms to expand brand awareness and of course to promote your content marketing efforts, especially this coming holiday season.


  1. Join the holiday fun, or better yet, create fun by offering discounts and promotions. You can also show off your company’s culture. Use personal hooks in your content to make them really captivating. Post videos of your company’s holiday celebrations and indulge in festive designs on your websites and social media channels.


  1. Work on your email marketing as it is the most-used marketing channel this season. Marketers and businesses rely on email marketing to drive holiday purchases and about 90% of marketers are going to leverage it. Use high quality and relevant content to make your message even more powerful. It’s time to share more than the usual coupon codes.


  1. Optimize your branding for mobile because now more than ever, consumers are making use of their mobile devices not only to look for products and conduct researches, but more importantly to make purchases. That is why it is important that your website is optimized for mobile, because trust us, about 30% of visitors would leave if it’s not.


  1. Give back like you do the rest of the year, but perhaps you can also allow your audience to take a glimpse of the causes you are passionate about. People like to get involved too, so perhaps you can reach out to them or let them reach out to you if they want to support your cause too.

Holiday may be the season when the competition amongst brands is the toughest, but it doesn’t mean you should forget how “’tis the season to be jolly” too. Just make sure that your business reflects all that this season represents and that would definitely get your message across clearly.

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