Here's some tips for blogging for your audience – not for yourself

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There’s really no way around it, writing is all about self expression. That’s why when you hear thatblogging audience blogging for your audience and not for yourself is the way to capture readers and sales as the case may be, the advice doesn’t seem to make sense.
However, although you need to develop a strong voice of your own, there are a few criteria to make your blog both successful and appealing to the very people you’re trying to attract.
Small chunks of text.
Start by considering the formatting you’re using. Today’s internet audience doesn’t want to be intimidated by your blog’s appearance. Big blocks of text will make readers think there’s something formidable buried in there that will take a lot of work to dig out. Being user friendly with your blog means breaking it all down into small paragraphs and taking advantage of bullet points and bolding so readers can scan the piece and pick out what interests them.
Give things away.
Everyone loves free stuff and that translates well from the brick and mortar days to the online world. The whole idea of blogging for your audience – not for yourself is about utlilizing this idea with the promise of even more interesting and relevant text in exchange for something like an email address.
The last bit of advice is about how to write when you’re blogging for your audience – not for yourself. Do a little research so you’ll be able to understand your target audience. You can get some valuable information by monitoring social media here and then writing around any of the specifics you find.

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