Hayes Plumbing

Durham Region's Reliable Plumber & Bathroom Renovator

Hayes Plumbing is an incredibly reliable and experienced plumbing and bathroom renovations company that helps local residents and commercial properties with any plumbing need they have.

Our Objective

They wanted a site that was modern, user-friendly and informational about the services they offer. They also really wanted to have a strong call to action so the user knew eactly what to do when they found the service they were needing.

What We Did

Informational Resource

having great information on their website allows their audience to learn about what their offer and to see if they're a good fit for their needs

Easy To Use

when someone is researching for a plumber, they want a site that is straight to the point, gives you the info, and gives you the next step of how to proceed. This site does just that.

Lead Generation

Hayes Plumbing wanted to generate more business so having a site structured to provide info and a strong call to action will allow them to do that


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Featured Work

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