Is A Guest Blogger A Great Idea For Your Blog?

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If you already have a blog for your business, why would you want to bring in a guest blogger from time to time? The short answer is that it makes good sense and it will help to grow your online audience. Having a guest blogger is a great idea for your blog because it brings in some ideas, allows someone else to contribute their point of view to your blog and you get the advantage of backlinks from your guest blogger’s website or blog.
Fresh Ideas for your Blog
Blogs rely on fresh ideas and when you bring in a guest blogger you are able to shake things up a little bit in your piece of cyberspace. That doesn’t mean you should choose a person who has a reputation for posting things that are controversial just because they like to go on rants for no good reason, though.
Each blogger has a unique voice, and brining in someone new can only help your blog. Give someone else a chance to present their take on a topic affecting your industry or present their opinion about a news story. Ask them how they would solve a customer service problem and post it. There are many possibilities your guest blogger can cover.
Different Point of View
When a new blogger with a different point of view steps in and posts on your blog, you have a better chance of starting a discussion. Invite comments by posting a link to the post on Facebook and Twitter. Ask questions drawn from the content and start a discussion to drum up interest in the post; you’ll want to get people talking about what has been discussed on the blog.
Backlinks from Guest Bloggers Site
Your guest blogger will want the post he or she writes for your site to be acknowledged with a link back to their website or blog. Depending on how well known your guest is, it can help to increase your search engine ranking. At the very least, you’ll have someone else who will be promoting your site on social media to his or her followers and inviting them to visit it to read the post. This type of promotion can only benefit your business.
Finding fresh content for your blogs can be challenging on a weekly basis. ReferLinks provides it as part of its social media service to its valued clients. We look after all of the details, so you are free to concentrate on your business. Call us today to learn more.

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