Why is Google’s First Page Extremely Important?

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Since its conception, Google has continuously become the most powerful entity in the online world. It crawls every inch of the web and determines which pages are the most relevant for its users for any topic they can think of.  It has become so powerful that its name is now used as a verb. People say “Google it”, instead of “Search for it”.
It is therefore understandable that every business wants to land the first page of Google’s results. After all, consumers trust Google to know what they need and what they’re looking for. Many consumers base their decisions on what that first page shows.
Knowing all these, you might feel overwhelmed and think that your small business has no chance – it’s impossible for you to land on Google’s first page, right? Well, not really. What you need to realize is that this very same power that Google has, allows everyone – big or small, to get on that first page of results.
But even with this information, you still want to know what is so important about Google’s first page?
Let us talk about the benefits of increasing your rank on Google’s results pages.
It Increases Your Online Visibility
If your business has been in a quiet town with very few customers and you get the opportunity to move to a bustling city filled with potential clients, wouldn’t you jump at it? Being on Google’s first page is just like moving to a busy city with countless people looking exactly for what you can offer. You get to be the first business potential customers will try!
It Increases Traffic to Your Website
Similar to asking a librarian where you can find information on a topic like women’s health for example, Google will show you the shelf with the best books containing the information you need. But of course, you’re not there to just look at the shelf – you’re there for the information. If the book right in front of you contains all the information you need, there’s very little need for you to check out other books. The first page of Google displays about 10 results and you would want to belong to that 10. Why? It’s because 91% of Google users never go to the second page of results. So if you want people to find their way to your website, you have to be on the first page.
Establishes You as an Authority in Your Industry
Like we said at the beginning of this post, people trust Google. And if Google says you’re an expert in your field, then everyone will believe so to. How does Google determine your expertise? Well, it requires you to increase both the quality and the quantity of your content. You have to regularly post about topics relevant to your industry. Building your content may take time, but it’s going to be worth it.
There are no shortcuts to Google’s first page. But there are concrete steps that you can take to get there. Having a great website rich in relevant content is the best thing for you. ReferLinks Online Marketing can help you with that. We have been helping businesses from various industries land Google’s first page. We can get you there, too!

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