Generate Leads through Content Marketing: A Step by Step Guide

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Do you often struggle to keep generating leads for your business? Well, there is a way you can easily do that with the use of high-quality content.
In the world of SEO, the demand is high for great content for lead generation. Meeting that demand means you also gain the trust of your clients and they, in turn, will support all your social media marketing efforts.
Whatever type of business you may have, you have to realize that content is still ‘king’. Therefore, you should definitely work hard to make your content marketing succeed. Aside from good old advertising, blogging is the main way B2B and B2C marketers generate leads in different social media platforms.
According to a recent study conducted, blogging allows B2B marketers to generate about 67% more leads than those who do not. As you can expect, different kinds of content also generate different lead numbers, too. So what kind of content should you focus on? The right kind! When you have the right kind of content, you’ll soon see that it will also make promoting on social media easier.
Here are some simple steps to generate leads using your content:
`1. Do some research on your market. Wouldn’t it be difficult to promote something if you do not understand who you’re showing your product or service to? How would you appeal to people if you do not know what they want? Doing an extensive market research is necessary and should be done first thing. You want to be sure that there will be customers for your products.
Keywords are a great way to know what your target market is looking for. Commercial keywords, particularly, let you know what your prospects are intending to buy.

  1. Come up with landing pages that will give high conversion rates. There are a lot of landing pages that don’t perform well though they may get a few opt-ins once in a while. There are others, though, that can do so much more. Understand why you need a landing page and when you know the answer, perfect your page.


  1. Throw bait for leads. When it comes to customer retention, email still wins over social media marketing. In fact, it is still the most efficient channel you can use to keep your loyal customers. It is also a great inbound strategy that could generate leads. A successful email campaign often puts out a “bait” – something that your visitor won’t be able to resist because it somehow makes his life better. You can create a variety of lead baits if you know your target audience well. Make sure to focus on what they’re looking for.


  1. Create content correctly. The most successful content marketing campaigns are those with a strong foundation of data-driven content. Content that is targeted at their specific industry is more valuable than general ones. To make yours succeed, identify first what your users want. Use great headlines. Incorporate the right keywords. Deliver content with depth. Stay relevant.

We hope these four simple steps can help you understand how the right content can generate leads effectively. If you think your business can do well with effective content marketing (and it definitely will), reach out to us at ReferLinks Online Marketing. We’ll help make your business stand out.

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