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Are you always aware of the content you already have on your site? How often do you audit your site? Are you sure there is no expired content? If these questions confuse you a bit, chances are, your site requires content auditing. But before you do just that, you should first deal with all your expired content.
But what is expired content, really?
Expired content includes pages that contain obsolete products or services, information about old sales, and any other outdated content. Most of the time they are all forgotten in your archives and are screaming for your attention. While you may have some idea where you’ll find this kind of content immediately, you still want to thoroughly go through your archives.
How important is fixing old and broken content?
A properly “groomed” website provides a better user experience. If you have ever felt like you wasted a few minutes of your time reading a post with outdated information or felt excited about a product only to find that it’s no longer available, then you know how disappointing it feels for a site’s guest to come across “wasteful” content. Any old and expired information also translates to a stale site for search engines.
So what can you do about broken content? Here are your options:
This is a sophisticated and complex option, so you have to make sure that it is done right. Please do not redirect to your home page as that would irritate your visitors. Google hates it, too. What you should do is redirect to another page with content that matches the category, style, and user intent.  Know, however, that this task can be laborious.
This is the best approach, so expect it to be quite hard. Find ways to improve the page. You might have to update it with more current information, more accurate details, or even consolidate with another page if there is a content overlap.
Leave It Alone
If your old posts are still accurate or if it earned your site a lot of inbound links, it’s better to just leave it alone. This is especially so if despite it being old, it’s still able to drive traffic. Just know that there is a disadvantage – traffic to stale content usually bounces and ruins the user experience. Just leave expired content alone if it can’t be fixed by the options mentioned above.
Delete It
This is a horrible idea (but an option nonetheless). It irritates the search engines and users and wastes incoming links. Please remember that 404 pages are meant for people who mistype URLs and not your go-to option for expired content.
Even the task of going through archives of content can be too much, especially if you’re busy with other things like running your business. What you can do to make sure that you have the freshest content in your site and that all your broken contents are dealt with is to get a reputable company like ReferLinks Online Marketing to handle your website for you. Give us a call and we can talk about what we can do for you!

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