Finding your online voice and how to keep the conversation going

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Interaction is the name of the game when you’re posting, blogging, or even writing web copy. It’s conversationimportant to find a way to personalize your text to reach out to prospects and finding your online voice and how to keep the conversation going are critical parts of this process.
Here’s a few proven methods you can use.
  • Be genuine. Everyone who has ever written for any length of time will tell you they find themselves copying styles they admire and even topics they feel are trendy and relevant. However, the real trick is to stick out from the competition and one way to do that is develop a conversational unique tone. This doesn’t mean you need to pepper your text with an overabundance of slang, but choosing the simpler word over the more literary one often helps to make your writing closer to the heart. 
  • Be patient and write everyday. Nothing worth having comes easy and that includes a voice you can call your own. Practice makes perfect here and another technique that will get you there is knowing where you can cut words and phrases down to make the text more clear. 
Finding your online voice and how to keep the conversation going is all about making your writing style and content appealing. Remember that responding to posts and answering queries might seem like a chore at first, but it works toward building relationships that feed business growth.

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