Facebook Tools Marketers Should Consider

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Everyone wants to make the most out of their Facebook marketing campaigns. It may seem easy to onlookers but the truth is, only marketers know how frustrating it could get. Some know they should make changes to improve visibility and traction for their posts but cannot think of a specific change that should be done. Others have great ideas, but lack the manpower or the resources to pull them off.
This is where these Facebook marketing tools enter and save the day. They can boost your Facebook performance, and more importantly, they are free so you can try them one at a time or all at once!
DrumUp is this amazing tool that hunts down stories that are perfect for your pre-set audience. After doing so, it then ranks them and finally queues them up for social media sharing. How great is this? Everyone knows that the challenge of having a Facebook page for businesses is keeping a steady stream of interesting content on your wall. Now with DrumUp, you need not waste time searching for post-worthy items online.
Canva is an intuitive tool that allows you to create custom images, and you know how big a role images play for marketing. Canva offers pre-sized templates for Facebook covers, app covers, and social media posts, among others. Then you just need to choose a template, drag and drop your design with the text, images, and whatnot, and you’re all set. They also have an online Design School that could give you tutorials on how you can create beautiful images for both social media and content marketing.
Headline Analyzer is a handy tool to have if you want to predict which headline would catch the attention of your audience. Here’s how it works. You come up with a potential headline then plug it onto this tool. It will then give you an overall score, as well as a detailed assessment of its elements like structure, character count, and preview of how it would look like in ad copies and email subject lines. It also has links that connect you to pages with tips and examples.
These are just a few of the incredible free tools every marketer should try on Facebook. These would definitely make a marketer’s job a whole lot easier. But of course, it also takes a lot of effort on your part. Try one that will work for you best and make the most out of that tool!

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