Emotional Triggers That Can Get Your Subscribers Hooked

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Most businesses acknowledge that email campaigns are an important aspect of marketing their brands. What many do not know, however, is that behind every successful email campaign is an emotional trigger that keeps subscribers wanting more.
Building and sustaining emotions through email is like a complex art that might take someone long to master. But because we want you to know more about how you can improve your email campaigns, we’re going to share with you what we think are the top emotional triggers that efficiently hook subscribers:

  1. Hope – This builds a sense of expectation for a specific outcome. Readers love reading about things that make them look forward to better things.
  2. Belonging – This makes a reader fee like he or she is a part of something bigger and something exciting.
  3. Vanity – Whether you agree or not, you know that flattering the reader improves your chances of catching and keeping his or her attention
  4. Fear of Regret – You can appeal to a reader’s fear of missing out on a good thing and ultimately regretting it later on. This is why you can see quite a lot of emails containing promos that are valid for very limited periods only.
  5. Lust or Longing – you can dangle the carrot in front of your readers. Just be sure that it’s something he or she would be willing to chase, otherwise your effort will fall flat.

You can choose from any of these and tap on that particular emotion before you ask a reader to take some action.
Email Structure
How do you write or outline your email campaign? The general outline includes some personalized details, a problem to think about, a strong emotional trigger, an amazing solution, and of course, your call to action (CTA).
You can use personalization tokens from contact information in your database with the use of email marketing tools. Why should you exert efforts to personalize an email? It is simply because personalized emails are known to generate 600 percent higher CTRs. Needless to say, any consumer would prefer when it seems they’re having a conversation instead of just listening to someone they do not know. To help achieve a personalized vibe, you can use the reader’s name in the body text, as well as the city of residence, and more. Just make sure that while you are being creative, you won’t make a reader feel like you have stalked them and you’ve retrieved all their information.
Because you are a problem solver, you need to address a particular issue that the reader has. Once you have the problem stated, you can stir one of the emotions we mentioned above. To do this effectively, try to put yourself in the position of the reader and see how the trigger makes you feel. Once that is initiated, quickly write in your solution and call to action. Your CTA gives the reader a sense of what he or she should do next. Include a link more than once in the email body to increase the chance that your reader will click.
These are some of the top emotional triggers that can lead to conversions and how you can execute them in your email effectively. Knowing what works and what doesn’t takes time, so don’t get frustrated when you have to wait for your results!


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