Email Marketing in 2014-an Exciting and Challenging Landscape

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Email marketing in 2014 will be a roller coaster. It brings increased competition and a mobile world with unique challenges all of its own. So—are you prepared for email marketing in 2014?
To help you tackle the year with gusto and skill we’ve put together a list of must-dos this year…
Email Marketing in 2014—A How-To
Here’s a number of tips to kick your 2014 off with a bang…
1. Be Careful with Media
Images have never been more popular. From infographics to videos to pictures of cats, the internet is littered with media. BUT, they pose a problem in email marketing. More than half of people don’t have images enabled in their email (or don’t have them inline with a message and instead have them added as attachments). This doesn’t mean negate images all together, but don’t rely on them to get your message across. When you do include images or video, include alt text so that they know what the image was about.
2. The Ability to Scan is Primary
While great content the absolute most important element of email marketing in 2014—the next most important thing is the ability to quickly scan content. When people read emails—especially on mobile devices—they no longer read it word for word, they scan for what’s important. So properly format it with headings, subheadings, lists, bullets and bolding.
3. Keep It Simple
As mentioned above, today’s online public has short attention spans. So, use teaser blurbs that link to more content in order to make the most of your email marketing campaigns.
4. Check your Mobile Devices
We really can’t stress the importance of being ready for mobile devices enough. So, before sending any email, check it out on your own mobile device first. Extra brownie points if you check it out across a number of devices.
5. Analyze, Analyze, Analyze
If you’re still using the old spaghetti strategy of throwing things against the virtual wall to see what sticks—stop. Analyze your click through rates and unsubscribes to determine what is successful with your audience.
6. Segment Like your Life Depends on It
Continuing with the old spaghetti analogy, don’t send out just anything to everybody. Segment your list to help keep users engaged. If you don’t have the data to know what people want, just ask them (but give them a few options instead a fill-in-the-blank option)!
7. Test your Subject Lines and CTAs
While you’re combing through your open, click through and unsubscribe rates check how successful your subject lines are. Then, look through your call to action successes.
If you can implement the above strategies for email marketing in 2014 you will be well on your way to succeeding in email marketing this year. For more tips stay tuned to this blog.

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