Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO for Your Business

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What’s the first thing that you think of when you see or hear the term “SEO”? Where do you put in all your efforts when you want to improve the ranking of your website?
Ask most marketers and you’ll probably get the same answer – keywords.
But if you’re already working diligently on optimizing keywords and still not getting the kind of results you need, it’s probably time to consider all the other factors that affect your SEO ranking.
You see, search engines are getting smarter than ever. Their algorithms do not just rate the relevance of keywords on web pages and the meta data in relation to native search terms. They also evaluate other factors like how long your visitors stay on your site, broken links, bounce rates, inbound and outbound links, and more.
Getting your web visitors to stay and interact with your content can greatly help the ranking of your website. You can achieve this by improving using experience, as well as the usability of your website.
You see, the use of keywords to get visitors is just half of the SEO story. If you look at it from a standpoint where your goal is to optimize your website for people who use search engines, user-friendliness is a very important factor.
Website usability incorporates many elements of website design, which we all know, is also related to conversion. Some of those elements that can affect your website ranking include effectiveness, learnability, memorability, and error prevention, among others. Working on these elements and you’ll definitely get positive results:
You want to be sure that users are able to achieve their objectives when they visit your website. Are you able to provide them with the information they’re looking for? Can they offer the products you’re selling them? Is there a way they can contact your company if they need customer service?
Your website should be designed in a way that users will find it easy to navigate. The calls-to-action buttons should always work. Remember that when visitors have to spend too much time figuring out how to use your website it is more likely that they’ll get frustrated and leave your website, and worse, never come back.
Your users should be able to find your website again the next time they use a search engine. Repeat traffic boosts your Google ranking. Your audience may visit your website and navigate away for some reason, and later remember it and try to search for it again. The keyword that is associated with that viewer’s first search should be memorable enough for your site to be found again.
Error Prevention
Errors on a website definitely affect user experience. But did you know that they also affect your SEO ranking? This especially applies to broken links and 404 Page Not Found errors that are just frustrating for users.
ReferLinks Online Marketing has mastered these elements and we can make sure that your website gets all the SEO boost it deserves. Call us today for details!

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