Easy Steps to Writing a Successful Blog

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Web logs, or simply ‘blogs’. For some time, blogs were merely a personal avenue for people who want to write about things that interest them – experiences, travels, events, food, etc. It’s like only yesterday when some professional writers looked down on bloggers for the latters’ obvious need of a good editor. However, marketers, smart people that they are, saw blogs for what they really are – a really good way to attract prospective customers and keep them interested.
So how do you write a successful blog? Here are some helpful tips:
What Are You Going To Write About?
If you’re a novice blogger, you probably often fuss about what the ‘end product’ is going to look like. You stress over layout and design, and perhaps even the number of people who would read your blogs. It’s like a burger with too many add-ons. You get too excited about these that you forget about the most important thing – the meat.
Your content is the meat of your blog. What is it about? How relevant is it? Of course, if you’re writing for your business, you don’t want to stray too far from that. As much as possible, write about stuff that would help your business. Some instructional blogs perhaps? Whatever you decide on for the content, put yourself on the readers’ shoes first and ask yourself: “Will I read this?” Only when you answer a yes should you continue to the next step.
Let Your Voice Be Heard!
One of the common mistakes some writers commit is writing to impress. Keep in mind that in wanting to sound eloquent and educated, you might lose your voice. No, you should never be obtuse, but you don’t want your readers to be scared of ‘heavy’ words. Remember, one of the charms of blogs is that they’re very easy to read. How do you achieve that? Write the way you speak.
Imagine yourself talking when you write. That is how you should write your blog. When you do that, people will enjoy reading because they would feel like they’re just listening to someone telling them a story. That’s when your blog becomes believable, too.
Keep Them Posted!
You now have successfully written a great blog post. Oh, and people are reading it! The only way to keep these readers who will most probably be your customers or clients, is to update your blog frequently. Never let them forget that you are there and they like you! Try to have a consistent schedule. Are you going to post daily, weekly, or monthly? Your readers will want to know when they can catch up.
Blogs are most effective when they become dialogues. Your blog will be better if you allow readers to comment. This way, you will actually have an idea of what your readers think, what you’re doing right, and some of the areas to improve on.
Remember that your blog is your own, and it will do you good to be original.

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