Dundas Dental

Whitby Dentist

Dundas Dental, located in Whitby, ON is an amazing clinic that treats not just people, but their overall health. They provide a comprehensive and hollistic approach to their patient’s health and you’ll see their expertise shine in all of their services. They can help patients of any age, and if you’re in the Whitby area, they’re your best bet for incredible dental services.

Our Objective

Their old website hadn’t been touched in nearly 5 or 6 years. It had great content, but it was visually unappealing, non-responsive, and didn’t really showcase their offline expertise. So, our objective was to give them the online credibility their clinic deserves. With a modern design, engaging animation, and a clear cut site structure, our obejctive to give their website a facelift was successful.

What We Did

We made sure their website was meeting 2019's design trends

We re-designed their logo and improved their branding by adding in strong colours that highlighted both the dental and hollistic services they offer.

Their website looks great on all sized devices!


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Featured Work

Our websites are created with our customers and Google in mind!