Does Your Small Business Really Need a Website?

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We are living in a year when everyone from eight to 80 carries smartphones in their pockets or purses. We are always looking for WiFi. When we need to find a good restaurant, a good school, a good dentist, we consult Google more often than we ask our friends and family for advice. We are always online.
So why are there still businesses that do not have their own website?
There are business owners who believe that their businesses are too small to need a website. Some think it’s too expensive. Others believe they don’t have the technical skills nor the time to maintain one.
But if there’s one thing that business owners should realize is that websites are for everyone and not just for large corporations with huge budgets. No matter how big or small, whether it’s local or global, every business should have its own website. Here’s why:
Your Customers are Online
You know it as much as we do. Your customers – the ones you want to connect to, are all online. You might argue that you’re not really selling your products or services online, but the truth is, you don’t have to. Like we mentioned, people turn to Google when they’re doing their research. It’s where they compare brands, prices, and other details. You just have to be where your consumers are if you want to be found.
Most Consumers Don’t Trust a Business without a Website
Because we’re now living in a digital age, your website is like your biggest marketing asset. On average, people spend up to five hours a day on their mobile devices. Consumers have this expectation that a legitimate company should have a website and a strong online presence and the lack of a website translates to unprofessional or worse – shady.
People Need Information Immediately
Because of how instantaneous the internet delivers information, people’s patience has become considerably shorter. When we are looking for information, we want to get it now. So you can expect that if someone has heard of your business or brand and wants to know more about you, he or she is going to search for you online. If they can’t find a website that can answer all their questions like what you can offer, where you can be found, and how you can be contacted, you can be sure that they’ll look elsewhere. When they find the information that they need in your competition, you’ll quickly be forgotten. So be sure that when someone looks you up online, they are going to find you and they’re going to like what they see.
Having a Website Can Level the Playing Field
Your website can help you beat the giants in your industry, especially if it’s optimized for search. If you have a really good website and the content that can put you in a prominent position in search result pages, you can compete with even the biggest companies.
You may be thinking that you don’t even know the first thing about creating a website. That’s all right. That’s what we’re here for. We at ReferLinks Online Marketing aim to provide you with a custom-tailored website that’s perfect for your needs and optimized for SEO. We’ll take care of your website so you’ll have the online presence your business needs and the success you deserve. Call us so we can share our ideas for your website with you!

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