Does Your Marketing Strategy Need Spring Cleaning?

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When was the last time you made changes in your marketing strategy?
If you can’t recall, then it’s probably way too long ago. You see, the behaviour of your consumers change as time passes and so do your competitors’ strategies. On top of that, digital marketing platforms also constantly change. From that alone, you can already tell how much you need to tweak your marketing strategies from time to time.
When should you do it, then? Well, spring is here now and you know there’s no better time to do some “cleaning and repair work” than springtime! Just like it’s the perfect time to de-clutter your home, spring is also the best time to give your digital marketing efforts a tune-up.
Here are some of the things that should be included in this year’s digital marketing spring cleaning:
Check the Current Social Networks You are Engaging On
The social media landscape is constantly changing. That’s why when you do your digital spring cleaning, you should start by checking whether or not you are putting all your efforts on the right platforms. You can do this by ensuring that the networks you have been focusing on are still the most popular ones for your audiences. Of course, we are not just talking about any audience but the right one for your business.
Clean Up and Secure Data Properly
Data is crucial to digital marketing success. You want to make sure that you are not having data decay and that what you have is correct and important data. You also should take steps to ensure the safety of your customers’ personal data.
Prioritize Mobile Load Speed
It’s almost always difficult to truly know what Google and other search engines want. But this year, fortunately for us, we know the one thing that Google wants from every brand – faster load for their mobile pages. All initial page elements, including interactive ones, should only take five seconds or less to load on a mobile device that has a slow 3G connection. Subsequent pages should load in two seconds.
Assessing your digital marketing strategies today is something that can benefit you in the long run. So why put it off? If you can’t remember the last time you’ve tweaked your brand’s marketing efforts then you need this spring cleaning even more. Give ReferLinks Online Marketing when you’re ready and we’ll gladly help you improve your marketing strategy and you’ll soon see your online presence and ultimately, your business, bloom.

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