Does Speed (or the Lack of It) Affect Your Website's Performance?

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Does the speed of your website really affect your brand image and your sales? If you think your web pages are not loading that slow, does that mean you’re good and you don’t have to worry about improving it? What does Google have to say?
Recent surveys show that the majority of web users expect a web page to load in no longer than two seconds. They often hit the ‘x’ button when a page doesn’t completely load in three seconds. Moreover, almost 80% of people who shop online and experience some sort of inconvenience due to speed issues and website performance state that they are probably never going to go back to shop again. And 44% of those people intend to tell their family and friends about their poor experience.
What does all that mean? Simply that the effect of speed goes far beyond losing conversion from guests who are actually on your website. In fact, the problem only gets worse as their family, colleagues, and friends hear about the issue, too. It may sound harsh but it’s just the way it is – you can lose thousands of potential sales because of a few seconds lag.
So you might be asking “Should I worry about my website’s load time and how it affects my Google rankings?” The answer is no… and yes. No, because it is, after all, just one of the many factors that are considered by Google for their rankings. However, that does not mean that you should just ignore it or put it off.
Optimizing load time for your website should be among your priorities. Remember that doing so helps your visitors and prospective customers get to the page they’re looking for faster, making their user experience so much better.
A Speedy Website Makes Sense
To sum things up, load time may not be a huge contributor to how high or low you rank on Google, but it does affect your conversion rate significantly. Just like how customers’ patience drops every second that you fail to deliver orders in your favourite restaurant mobile game, your website’s visitors lose patience and interest by the second. And every single second that you are able to shave off of your load time is another point towards gaining your potential customer’s approval. It may not seem much but every second really does count.
Are you worried that your website’s load time is slower than what your visitors expect? ReferLinks Online Marketing can help you with that! Let’s talk soon!

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