Digital Marketing Services

When you think digital marketing, what comes to mind? For us at Referlinks Online Marketing, it means a variety of digital services that has a big impact on your business. Read on below to see some of the digital marketing services we offer that doesn’t break the bank but has great results!!

Call tracking is an opportunity to listen to the calls coming in from Google or other advertising efforts. We first select a local number for your business and once we enable it that number will show up on your website so that we can listen to the leads coming in. If they go to your website directly, they will see your business’ actual number. We do that so that we can show you the true ROI of how your marketing budget is being spent.

Today’s trends are showing that visitors are spending more time in the ‘information research’ stage of the decision making process more than ever. Retargeting ads are a series of different sized ads that we will design for you that will show up on websites after your user visits yours. When you start retargeting ads, you are going after people who have already shown interest in your company and are that much closer to taking action.

It’s one thing to have a great website and SEO campaign, but how are you tracking its performance? Our Dashboard is very easy to use, shows everything you need to know about who’s coming to your site, what pages, your bounce rate, and everything you can think of. It’s an amazing asset to your business!

"Great team! Easy to work with. Very responsive and timely. Reasonably priced. They delivered everything I asked for in the website, plus features I hadn't thought of that made all the difference."
Pierre Suter
Spring Hill Fitness