Digital Audience: How Well Do You Know Your Readers?

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If you provide content for your audience, which means you know them pretty well. Otherwise, how can you be sure that what you’re giving them is what they want or need? How can you make your content stand out from all the rest?
One rule that governs all the areas of content marketing is to know your audience. Only in being able to do so will you then start learning how to give them what they’re looking for. The core concept of content marketing revolves around your customers – but more broadly, your audience. That includes your employees and your promoters, too.
How can you expect to write a piece that will have an impact if you don’t know who you’re intending it for? Your audience is mainly made up of three groups of people:

  1. Your Customers

Your prospects, end-users, purchase influencers, and anyone who’s interested in your content (including competitors) are included in your customer audience. Yes, that means even those who have no intention of purchasing fall into this category.
Why should you consider these content freeloaders then? Simply because anyone who ever reads your information can possibly share what they read. So when you’re writing your content, know who you are writing for – what information they need, where they go for this information, and when they need it.
2. Your Employees
Anyone who is working or has worked for your organization belongs to this group, including freelancers, contractors, suppliers, agencies, distributors, board members, and investors. Meaning, you should also have content that keeps everyone in this category in the loop as to the recent on-goings in your business or field. Have trustworthy experts (your researchers and developers, engineers, etc.) to tell your story. Why them and why not the president of the company? Well, it may be surprising but studies show that they are trusted more, both internally and externally. Offer support and motivation to your employees through content.
Frontline employees, on the other hand, can write How To or even ‘hack’ articles. They can do this more effectively because they know how to engage your customers better.

  1. Your Promoters

Promoters are an important member of your content marketing audience because not only do they contribute to how you create your content but also because they can easily increase your reach. How do you appeal to your influencers?
Find out how you can help your promoters through a pay-it-forward concept, and understand why your promoters care about your content. Seek where your promoters can help distribute your content. You can try guest blog posting, but make sure it’s not going to be some “me-too!” content.
It will be helpful to build a relationship with them instead of just begging them to “highlight” your product. If you can, fill any information gaps provide content where key influencers may need them. Do not forget the people who help you with your content.
By knowing your audience for every post you put out there, you are doing your content marketing much more effectively. See, it is not just about throwing words as often as you can, but more importantly, offering words that your audience needs and cares about.

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