Why Differentiated Customer Experience is Best for Your Brand

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Many businesses are allotting important resources to understanding and improving their customer experience. But unless they leverage their brand in this process, all you are likely to get is something that is just generic. As you can expect, this will not succeed in providing the competitive advantage that you want for your business.
Differentiating a brand in the kind of market we have today requires businesses to expand their brand management from focusing on the bland and traditional product and promotion to focusing on customer experience, too.
A brand stands out if it delivers its promise in the context of differentiated customer experience. This should be the goal of every business every time they interact with customers. Keeping existing customers, converting new ones, and creating a bond with every customer – these are all evidences of how successful a differentiated customer experience can be.
Be in the shoes of a consumer and think about how you experience a service or a product. Start from the moment you make a decision and all the way to the point where you purchase, and what contribution customer experience has in your decision to go for that particular product. More often than not, we choose to purchase a product because we believe that it’s different from the rest.
The same goes with differentiated customer experience. You subscribe to a service because they have special offers. You feel good about the way you are treated or you are highly impressed with the customer service representative’s knowledgeable responses to your inquiries. Perhaps they go the extra mile and suggest other uses for the product you are interested in or an easier way for you to achieve your goals. All of those contribute to the totality of a brand experience. And all of those things make sure you keep your customers, too.
Delivering the brand is a constant and continuous exercise in differentiation and improvement. So even after succeeding, keep the game up and don’t let things go stale. And while brand promise is what makes you different from the others, your consumer experience must always be consistent, too. Until you get those aspects in sync, you are not optimizing what you spend on your marketing. It may even cause negative equity because when it comes to consumers, a failed promise means a reason for them to talk about your brand – and not in a good way.
Now how you keep your brand promise is up to you, but how your marketing strategy can help in delivering a differentiated customer experience – that we can help you with. We can make your presence known, your brand stand out, and your customers feel that you are taking care of their needs by providing them with information that they want. Give us a call today and we’ll tell you how we can do it!

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