Custom Websites vs Template Websites

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Why building a custom website beats template sites every time custom_websites_vs_templates
When you’ve got an Internet related business, it goes without saying you want to have an edge on the competition and that’s one of the bigger reasons why building a custom website beats template sites every time. Fair enough you might say, but I’m in business and need more than just a sweeping general statement as proof. Following are some concrete reasons why the custom website is better.

  • They can better represent the unique aspects of any business. With the custom version, the image you have becomes a reality. Images, copy and features are specifically designed for your unique brand and not just fitted into one of many templates.
  • Better lead generation. One of the best answers to give when people ask why building a custom website beats template sites every time is that the quantity of work you’ll get with a customer website is larger. Why? The graphics and text on a custom site are more relevant to what most people searching the internet are looking for. That means more visitors will be converted to sales. 

Although a custom website is more expensive than one than comes from a cookie cutter template, the extra money translates into revenue so the product pays for itself eventually. So when you need to know why building a custom website beats template sites every time, distancing yourself from the competition to increase profits should be the real motivator.

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