Custom Websites vs Template Websites—and the Difference they Make to your Business

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Custom websites vs template websites is like comparing a naturally-raised beef burger from Chef Cory Vitiello, of Toronto’s famed eating institution The Harbord Room against a McDonald’s cheeseburger (that’s been sitting under the heat lamp for 20 minutes). Obviously, there is no comparison.
Of course, some people are perfectly happy with a McD’s cheeseburger—until they figure out that for a few extra dollars they can sink their chompers into a four-year-old cheddar burger with Brittle House-smoked maple bacon.
Before you head out for the burger we’ve just convinced you to eat, consider the difference between a cookie-cutter template website and a custom-made website from the chefs in our virtual kitchen:
Custom Websites vs Template Websites: Custom Websites

  • Properly highlights your business’ specific strengths.
  • Is SEO-optimized (ask us for the details on this as it is too lengthy to explain properly here).
  • Is original—and leaps and bounds above your competitors.
  • Is optimized for the mobile world through Responsive Design principles.
  • It is scalable.
  • It is branded.
  • It is more expensive than template websites (but it is a one-time cost).
  • It is higher converting through custom call-to-action buttons and proper user flow and conversion.
  • It may take longer to develop than out-of-the-box templates (for specific timeframes on your site—just give us a call!).

Custom Websites vs Template Websites: Template Websites

  • Generic design.
  • Readily available and can be uploaded quickly (although professional assistance will still be required unless you have a technical background).
  • Isn’t SEO-friendly, unless customizations are made.
  • You will be required to maintain the website.
  • Not scalable and may need to be upgraded to a custom site in the future as you grow.
  • It is probably similar to what your competitors are using—unless they’ve upgraded to a custom site.
  • Are branded as ‘free’ or nearly free—but that does not include implementation and maintenance.
  • Are still a step up if your business has never had a website before.

Before making any decision in the battle between custom websites vs template websites—and deciding whether to buy a template website or leverage a custom website—give us a call first for a no-obligation website quote. Getting a mobile-optimized, SEO-friendly, compelling website that beats your competitors—is likely more affordable and easier than you think.

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