Custom Websites: 5 Reasons You Should Choose Custom over DIY

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Comparing custom websites with the new trend of DIY website creation is like comparing Japanese Sekai-ichi Apples (about $21 a piece) and grocery-store oranges.
When it comes to your website—you really do get what you pay for, especially with low-cost (or free) DIY website builders. While DIY websites are fine for community groups, mommy blogs and other small-scale productions—a professional business is its brand, and your brand is only as good as your website in today’s connected society.
So—why are custom websites more professional, and why should businesses choose custom websites over DIY website builders…
5 Reasons Businesses Needs Custom Websites
To help convince you of why your business needs the professionalism provided by a custom websites, here are 5 awesome reasons:
1. The Work is Done for you—By Professionals
If you haven’t looked into how many hours it takes to build a website with a DIY website builder—know this, it takes a while. While many DIY website builders advertise that you can ‘setup a website in under an hour’, this simply isn’t the case. Even to create a super-basic, graphic-free DIY website, it still takes at least 10 hours. It takes 20 hours+ to build one that looks less like a 12-year-old girl’s MySpace page—and 45 hours+ for many of the demo sites they show on their portfolios.
That’s a lot of hours for an amateur-looking website.
2. Functionalities
With DIY website builders you have limited functionalities available. Also, those limited functions  aren’t scalable and they can’t be branded to your company. With custom websites you can design the custom features and functionalities that your customers want—and they will work smoothly.
3. Intuitiveness
In today’s society we expect our vendors’ websites to run smoothly and intuitively guide us in our user experience. This just isn’t possible with the limited and amateur options of website builders. The kind of intuitiveness needed in today’s marketplace is only available with custom-designed websites. For more information on the intuitiveness we build into websites—just give us a call and we’ll explain what we do, in a no-pressure environment.
4. Uniqueness & Ownership
When you spend the time creating a custom web concept you want it to be yours and yours alone. This of course is only possible when you own the code, design and content of your website—which is only viable with a custom website.
5. Scalability
Custom websites are scalable, and can grow with your business.
We encourage you to have a discussion with us about your scalability needs and your plans for future growth. Here at ReferLinks we can guide you on the website-development process, and ensure that your online strategy complements and improves on offline marketing and sales campaigns.

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